Hartridge Academy


GRADE    "A"  SCHOOL   2019                                                                                                                 

Great News! 2019 Scores are in! Click Academic Performance above for details.
Congratulations to our students, their families, and the Hartridge staff. Students scores and percentages of students earning Level 3 and above surpassed the district and state for all grades tested. Details are available at FLDOE.org regarding all Polk County public schools  including ours at https://edudata.fldoe.org/ReportCards/Schools.html?school=8121&district=53

2019-2020 applications for our current school year waiting pool are available Lottery Application 

2020-2021 AVAILABLE NOW! Mail by October 30, 2019 for first lottery. Click here!




Congratulations to Hartridge students and staff as they celebrate nineteen years of  academic success as a parental choice in free public education for Polk County families!

   The success of our former students is the most authentic and consistent evidence of our popular award winning program. For those who choose to measure simply by a school grade, Hartridge has been awarded an "A" most years.

    Despite a waiting pool of applicants that could double our enrollment, we choose to remain a small school.  The benefits of each staff member knowing each child and parent has proven to be a strong ingredient for student success and safety.  Our scheduling for one on one time for each family throughout the year strengthens the learning process as well as the home to school relationship. 


Hartridge Academy is an elementary school (K-5) with: 

Traditional academic subjects,  Gifted, Grade Combination Classes, Accelerated Curriculum Classes, ESE inclusion, Single Gender Class opportunities (when available)


VPK (preschool) & AFTERSCHOOL :

As a member of Florida's FREE education system, we assist families with placements in preschool, ESE, and afterschool programs when not available onsite. Transportation on our public school bus is provided at several locations for our elementary students including the Boys & Girls Club, Inc.  

Interested in entering your child in our lottery or waiting pool? Click, print, complete, and mail the following:


2019 2020: Hartridge is not deemed a TITLE I school by PCSB

Though we will not receive any of the Title 1 funds or services, ALL students are allowed to order FREE breakfast and lunch during our morning attendance. It is prepared by the PCSB and delivered to the school at mealtime, thus none on hand for late arrivals. Parents may also pack lunches. 

The following are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole : 

School Public Accountability Plan (SPAR)    School Improvement Plan (SIP)